A good attack midi filter?

Can anyone suggest a simple in-line midi filter/plugin that would add an attack envelope?

MidiShaper from Cableguys?
MCC Generator from Melda?

The latter is free but I, it sure how good it is compared to MidiShaper, which I use myself.

Took a look at both, not sure if they can do what I am after…
instead of modifying a midi cc parameter, I want to modify incoming note attack and velocity to be able to make a legato effect for instruments that don’t natively have this parameter.

Velocity you can change in the MIDI In plugin.
Attack never comes from a note on.
Midi sends only Note On, Note Off, Velovity etc.
What you are looking for (when I understand correctly) is an envelope.
This is nomally a task of the plugin and not MIDI.

Correct me if I am wrong:
Your plugin does not support an ADSR for volume and now you want incoming Midi build an ADSR?

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That is not possible, how should that work with MIDI messages coming from a controller?
When you play a note on your midi controller it is sending note on and note off.
What you want is a volume ADSR for each played note, simply impossible.
MIDI messages are not time based - an ADSR is.

By the way: which plugins are you using that do not support an ADSR?

That was also my question, or rather which plugin without velocity support merits so much efforts ?

Plugin in question supports velocity but by it’s nature, it’s not a sound that has ADSR.

An envelope filter downstream of the VST will work, I just thought that perhaps you could manipulate the midi data in a similar way upstream of the VST to delay the note on and add a curve to the incoming velocity, etc…

Sorry, I do not understand.
You are describing an audio issue

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That’s not how MIDI works. There is a static velocity value associated with the Note message, you cannot change the velocity independently over time.

You could use a GPScript ADSR function generator to control a plugin parameter such as its master volume out, I suppose.

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It was just a thought. I understand it’s not possible, I think I assumed that something could be generated from the space between a note on and a note off that could be translated into other data, but yes this is really a sound envelope idea not a midi one.