A general post of praise for GP Script


Just felt compelled to write a post simply praising how good GP Script is.

When it was announced it was a ‘thats cool but probably won’t use it much’ feature in my head. Needless to say that has now changed into the absolute killer feature of GP for me. Don’t get me wrong, the usability, stability, and low CPU usage of GP by itself was a game-changer moving from Mainstage, but GP Script puts it to another level.

I’m not from a coding background at all but find it very very simple to implement even complex (for me) custom functions in GP.

In the last week I have now added in:

  • ‘radio’ style buttons for simple A/B switching of FX
  • a feature which ‘remembers’ a variation starting state and recalls it each time you recall the variation within a rackspace even if you have changed states within it (if that makes sense…)
  • completely re-mapping a non-customisable MIDI controller with some state-machines and then sending these values onto Ableton Live, plus changing state depending on the feedback from Live as well

Each of these took very little time to build and are (within the limits of my coding) rock-solid to run and seem to add zero effective computational load.

So yeah - a slightly ‘non’ post but wanted to post it to encourage those who maybe haven’t thought they would use it to have a play and discover all of the great things you can do with it!

Hopefully I’ll get around to posting some sample scripts in the other forum of the features above (for feedback and improvement if nothing else as they are a little specific…)



I second your opinion!

In my spare time I collect and save every sentence of code I find, to have a better understanding and new functionality.


Could not agree my. Killer feature! :slight_smile:


agree. and…i’d be interested in the second script you mention, if you’re up for sharing it! thanks.


Thanks for the kind words about scripting. I never expected it to get used as significantly as some are using it and am gratified it works as well as it does under much more complex situations than I ever envisioned.