A few requests/suggestions

Hi there, apologies if these have been suggested before. I did scan the other posts here but not time to read all of em.

  1. it would be nice to have the ability to label connections in back view

  2. we can have mono inputs on a mixer, why not mono outputs?

  3. Ability to group widgets for alignment/scaling etc

  4. Have a scale on slider widgets (or at lest 0dB indicator) plus sticky 0dB

  5. dB scale option on knobs rather than just 0-10

  6. Easy way to slider or knob widget to 0dB

  7. Undo would be nice

  8. A big one but would be nice to have the ability to add actions to a widget like in MainStage so they can control various program actions
    For example, I wanted to be able to trigger next song part from a midi note on event (I’m using drum pads so no option to use a CC). The script to do so is fortunately trivial to do but IMO this sort of thing should be doable as standard.

Did you take a look at scripting?

When you are in edit mode and select more than 1 widget you can align them and make for example same size

Sure but grouping together and then being able to stretch together would be handy

Yes, I’ve already implemented the solution o was after via script and it was trivial in this case. I just think it shouldn’t require scripting to do many simple things

Sure but grouping together and then being able to stretch together would be handy

You are right, maybe we will see that feature in the future.

Did you try Midi learn this?

Not on this one no. Just via link in rig manager

I did map Note On Messages to move up/down rackspaces or songs and it is working fine

Ok this has 2 different results for me depending on which way I do it.
Method 1: No link in rig manager but learned in global midi (up/down : prev/next patch)
Front, rack space view go up and down 2 at a time.
Song view, goes up and down 2 song parts at a time Doesn’t move onto next song, just moves within parts

Method 2: using link learned in rig manager and not in global midi
Front, rack space is the same, 2 at a time
Song view now moves songs, not parts but still does 2 at a time.

In both cases I’m using the NanoKontrol track l/r arrow buttons

OK, can you take a look and the Midi Monitor Window, maybe we see duplicate Messages coming in?

Yep, this is one press of left arrow and one press of right

OK, seems that this is the issue!
Global Mapping seems to react on incoming CC Message and as it is sent twice it reacts twice.
Any chance that the NanoKontrol does only send a CC Message when the button is pressed and not when it is released - maybe a momentary mode?

Or try to check the “Momentary” option.