A bunch of tweaks that would be really useful

Having used GP for a while, there are a few features I would like to see.
I’m sure from a programming angle some may be easy, others a total headache, so I appreciate any response.

1. Undo function, particularly in layout designer.
Sometimes you accidentally move something or hit the wrong button and it can take ages to get it all back again.

2. Better editing in connections view.
Having the align functions that the layout view uses would make the screen look a lot tidier.
How about being able to switch between curvy wires and straight, angled ones?
A larger work area that can be navigated and zoomed in or out.

3. Some more options with widgets
Would it be possible to have a colour function so rather than green/red/blue knobs we can set them to whatever we want?
A function to flip the rocker switches so down can be on or off.
A divider line to separate functions.
Just a bigger selection. (MiniMoog knobs would be cool)

and the big one…
4. Custom widgets
As a former graphic designer I would love to be able to design panels myself.
Rack backgrounds should be easy, but knobs and switches could be more tricky, but not beyond the realms of possibility. We could then have a resources area on this website to share our creations.

I hope my comments give food for thought and I look forward to and feedback.

Thanks @Tryptych - most of the items you are requesting are on our list. Some will be done sooner, some later.

As for custom widgets - that’s a tricky one. As a graphics designer you must know what works for you and how to do it, but it would open up a lot of space for non designers and others to ruin the look of GP.

May I suggest that you maybe design a panel or two? Maybe even a widget?
If you need more specific requirements (knobs in particular are tricky) send me a PM.

Btw… we will definitely have more widgets coming up. They have been designed already, but one can never have enough widgets right :slight_smile:

¿Would it be possible to have a scrollbar of Widget spaces?

Thanks @djogon, I appreciate that if you have outside people making stuff up, they could make a total mess of the look. How about offering designers the opportunity, but they have to be submitted through you to approve, and if accepted, converted by you into a proprietary format that others can then download and install?
I know it would be an extra job for you guys, but equally, it could really improve the look of the whole application.

I’ll run up a couple of panel backgrounds for you, and get in touch regarding the knob and switch structure.
(I have designed plugin GUI’s before, so I understand you need a whole string of images).

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Here’s a couple of demo’s I knocked up quickly. (I’m sure I can do better given the time.)
I’m not sure if you want different bezels and just load the interior panel texture or not, so I did a blingy one. :slight_smile:

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Tryptych, I agree with your comments 100%. To the GP Developers, as a graphics designer myself I totally understand that you wouldn’t want to just allow users to ruin the look of GP. However, how about simply implementing ‘themes’? Whether it’s a light/dark sort of approach, or just using some nice color choices so that we can have something like Steel Gray, Dark Blue, etc. That would be great. Personally, I can’t stand the brown that was used while in song/playlist mode. I’d be thrilled if I could just make that gray! Looking forward to your enhancements…

Being a software engineering manager, I would choose feature functionality over theming any day of the week. The previous host I used (no longer around) chose to go down the theming road when there were more important items to address from a stability and feature functionality standpoint. Note: they are no longer around.

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