32 Channel Mixer

Sure I can use two 16 channel mixers side by side but a 32-channel mixer would be nice. Also my MOTU interface allows me to assign friendly names to my inputs, and these show in Audio Setup, but then on Connections View it still just shows Input 1, Input 2, etc.

Perhaps you could, instead of that, name the mixer slices accordingly:


I didn’t realize you could rename individual channel strips - GP rocks.

I knew you could do that. But when dragging a connection from Inputs I have to go lookup what Input 7 is for example.

If you name the mixer according to the input of your audio interface and connect audio input n to mixer input n, you will have the benefit of GP naming.

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I don’t always drag from input to mixer. Sometimes I drag from input to an effect so I still have go lookup what the input is. It should be a simple feature to add a mouse over so that the Input Name as defined in the interface shows up. Like I said, GP already sees the configured names on the MOTU interface.