2 audio interface at once?

Is it possible to use 2 audio interface at the same time with gig performer.
I have a presonus 24c which has 2 outputs.
I need another for a click track.

Yes it is.
Are you on Mac or PC?

Windows m8

On Windows:

  • Either use ASIO4ALL to aggregate audio devices (an example is done here)
  • Or you can use multiple instances, as every instance has its own audio settings, see here.

Note: ASIO4ALL adds additional latency.

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Ok thanks ill look into those. Im guessing i could use the onboard soundcard ? Ill need to be careful with latency as at the moment i have a bit too much i feel.

Then you must use ASIO4ALL as integrated audio chips don’t come with a dedicated ASIO driver.
Don’t expect miracles out of that internal chip, though.

The mileage of ASIO4ALL may vary greatly, even when used with a ‘decent’ audio interface, although the developer of it really did a great job. The combination of different devices is a challenge. It starts with the sync-clock…

For this use case maybe you could use 2 instances of GP and start/stop them using OSC from the first instance to the second. You also have to update bpm and song-signature (4/4, 3/4, 6/8, etc)

With Link enabled BPM is synced automatically between GP Instances

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Again I’m going to bed less stupid :slight_smile:


thank you all for great help.
as im quite a novice with computers i may just find it easier to source a 4 out soundcard

Yes, if you only need two audio outputs, on Windows it is much much easier and comfortable to change your audio interface by something like that:

Ive just done a latency test within gp and it came back as 91.9ms . Surely that can’t be right?

What sample rate are you using and what buffer size?

44.1 and 132 which is the lowest option i can see

And over 90 ms round trip?

If it is what GP measures, it is probably right, but it is very bad. You cannot play with such a latency. However we don’t exactly know what is your config: which audio interface, which driver ?

Asio4all or motu asio drivers?

I believe that it’s his internal sound card.

I have a presonus 24c
Im not sure how i know what driver

Please check your configuration in the audio preferences menu:

Maybe it would be best to show us screenshot of what this settings are on your machine… btw:
If you are still using Windows 8, which meanwhile seems to be a bit outdated, maybe you could also tell us some more details about your computer’s specs (especially CPU & RAM)…
Thank you in advance! :beers:

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