2.62 crash



I’d like to have your opinion if this problem is with Gigperformer or with my setup. I moved all my sample libraries to new SSD 1TB. Went to couple of practises with no problems, but suddenly on next day soundcheck GigPerformer crashes when changing sounds. The program did not close, but it got stuck and no sound (happened two times in an hour). Luckily the gig went fine, but it was quite thrilling. Can the problem be with bass vibrating at the stage (mainly a problem with laptops HD, because what I have understood is that the ssd does not care about the vibrations) ? Also the gigperformer startup was extremely slow at all times, which does not make sense regarding the vibration. Has there been any similar problems with GigPerformer?

Setup: Win 10, 24gb ram, I7, External SSD libraries+ synths from HD. Focusrite 18i20 2nd gen, midi using Yamaha MOXF6, controlling midi parameters from Novation Circuit (through usb). GigPerformer 2.6.2



Something had to have changed. Can you reproduce this crash? Did you change plugins? Change hardware? Install any other software or any automatic updates perhaps? Are you running an anti-virus app?