1 spare laptop or not?

Hello guys,
I’m wondering if I should buy a new MacBook pro soon ?
The one I have is mid-2014 with i7 512gb SSD and 16go ram.
The speakers are always saturated and the screen is in very medium shape.
But things are running quite smoothly.

Do you guys have a spare computer on stage in case one is frying ? Or should I just wait until my MacBook is outdated or dead ?
Maybe they are other alternatives ?

Thanks for your return.

All the best

I have always carried a spare laptop for exactly that reason. Fortunately, I have never needed it but if the show must go on, it’s an important piece of insurance.


Could you get through a gig some other way if your laptop died? For example do you have a controller with built-in sounds, or an iPad with software instruments?

If not, then I’d say yes to a backup laptop.

Or when each song has backing tracks or controls light and video on another machine…
Record your keys and when something dies, activate your key tracks and simulate playing :wink:


:fearful: !!!

I’m planning on a complex setup with Ableton Live, loops, and a lot of vst and software effects. Maybe an iPad could do the trick but I don’t think so unfortunately.

We can’t all be Pat Metheny, but I saw an interview Matt Lauer, if I recall correctly, interview Pat at a show that he did by himself with his Orchestrion (complete modified real orchestra instruments, controlled by midi to from his guitar) They had a power failure, and couldn’t get it to work, so Pat came out and played acoustic. Brought down the house!. I guess when you are that good, you are your own backup!

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OK, but as a keyboarder, my guitar playing is not good enough :wink:


Trust me, there are far and few in-between that could do that. Pat Metheny is pretty much an exception to the case. But it is worth pondering over as to how reliant we have become on these wonderful toys at our dispense. I personally like the idea of sounding monstrous without using backing tracks, midi tracks, or gizmo’s, and for me this is why I love GP4. It is a serious contender. However we can all get caught at the dinner table with friends surrounding us, when suddenly the power goes out, and that “now what do we do moment” I do wish that Gig Performer was a more stand alone program and easily portable from PC to PC, but why lose sleep over your beautiful companion, because she put the toilet paper on the other way. LOL